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Panem et Circenses

I am assuming that most of my fellow netizens (especially late Millenials and early Gen Z) are familiar with the idea of “trigger” and with the emphasis on trigger warnings and all of that internet stuff.



Up to two years ago I had billions of triggers. I had so many you’d wonder how I could even manage to leave my room in the morning without drowning in panic (I couldn’t).
Luckily Zennial digital culture in 2020 & 2021 grew incredibly passionate about “Shadow Work”, suggesting a way to get over your “shadow self”.



Long story short in 2021 I can tell my “shadow self” to shut up and more or less get over the sight of blood, but even so, there are still two things that I cannot put up with;
1) Ugly pop ballads and people singing in cursive.
2) Television

The reason I couldn’t overcome these triggers? They do not belong to “my shadow self”.
Now, I need not explain why hating ugly pop ballads is completely valid, you already know why.
I’ll jump straight to the reason why the sole sound of a TV program upsets me to the extent I have to either turn it off or leave the room right away.

My teachers told me that back in the day Television was an instrument of mass education. TV programs would teach common people how to read and write, they would teach math. The family would gather and spend an informative hour in front of the screen. They would learn. This would improve the literacy of a whole country.
Something must have gone wrong because there is nothing informative about television nowadays.

I live in Japan where TV is especially upsetting. It is not that TV doesn’t educate you. It’s more that it educates you to be stupid(ly obsessed with irrelevant minor things).

Think programs where people go on a quest to find the bestest noodle restaurant (spoiler alert, it’s never the one run by that Taiwanese immigrant that still follows that recipe passed down through the generations), or the most interesting cafe, or the tastiest dessert this or that brand is selling.
Think TV shows that have people sit down and comment on the love lives of 20 somethings like it were ok to do so.

Imagine having a huge platform with which you can reach an entire country, and using it to obsess over food (not recipes), souvenirs, trivial matters.

Decimus Iunius Iuvenalis in the 2nd-century comments:
“Populus duas tantum res anxius optat, / panem et circenses”

The people choose / desire only two things, food, and entertainment.

The same people who were involved in political debate, that played an active role in society now willingly surrender their political power and limit themselves to easy brainwashing.

The knowledge of my ancestors still applies nowadays, it is more valuable then ever.

Try and bring up a political matter, an environmental problem, even a serious one to people who are well-fed and entertained. What they will tell you is “I don’t want to have to deal with that, it’s so bothersome”. They are satisfied with tiny trivial satisfaction, and happily surrender their power to bring about change in the world. To them I am some crazy conspiracy theorist, always exaggerating.
But in actuality people that think this way are inclined to forgiving all sorts of evil things. After all, dealing with problems is so bothersome.

It is this tendency of taking a trivial little thing and putting it on a pedestal, giving it a lot of importance it doesn’t have that has the power to brainwash you. Why bother being indignant. I can eat this special cookie.

At the beginning of the article, I said this has nothing to do with my “shadow self”. Well, maybe I was lying.
It does get lonely when people around you are so uninterested.
It does get painful to think how much of my life was occupied by this kind of brainwashing and how I used to buy into that as well.

I haven’t lived in a house with a Television since 2014.
What about you? How do you feel about Television? Do you watch it? Do you feel that it brings value to your life? Or does it make you upset?
Let me know in the comments!






Front Door

Hello everyone!
We are continuing to make adjustments to our office and classroom to be able to welcome new students starting June 1st.

We needed to put a front sign to make it easier for people to find the place, so we did look up several DIY ideas for standing signboards, but none seemed eye-catching enough, so we decided to draw it on the front door of the building!

Did you know that it is safe to use water-based markers to draw on glass doors and windows?
That is because you can easily wipe water based paint out of impermeable surfaces like glass.
(When it comes to porous surfaces it becomes a little trickier).

Anyhow, we went ahead and decorated the front door as you can see in the picture.

You can find us on the third floor of the building, if you are interested in our classes please come and visit us!

Our office hour is on Mondays 19:00 – 20:00.

adjustments 調整
front sign 看板
standing signboard 立て看板
eye-catching 目を引く 形容詞
water-based markers 水性マーカー
impermeable 不透過性
porous 多孔質
tricky ややこしい


Spring Cleaning: Shin MIC headquarters

Hi ~


It is the end of March and this means that we are preparing to enter the next fiscal year, which in Japan begins in April. That is why we are cleaning up our headquarters.

We have decided to set up shop on the third floor of a building, the one that you can find the address of on our page. We are planning on setting up a little office and a classroom for our workshops.

Actually, it looks like it is going to take some effort to make these two rooms comfortable, but I will upload some pictures to keep you updated.

In the meantime, in the picture you can see how the office is looking at this specific moment.


fiscal year 会計年度

headquarters 本部

set up shop 営業・店を開く

Effective English Language Acquisition


I have just finished uploading my first course called “Effective English Language Acquisition”.

In this course I summarized what I have learned in my years of learning and teaching languages.

The course is in English, but as the intended audience is Japanese ESL learners, we hope to be able to provide a translation as well.

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy the course!

Feel free to leave a comment for further clarifications,


Have a nice day,