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Front Door

Apr 26, 2021 お知らせ

Hello everyone!
We are continuing to make adjustments to our office and classroom to be able to welcome new students starting June 1st.

We needed to put a front sign to make it easier for people to find the place, so we did look up several DIY ideas for standing signboards, but none seemed eye-catching enough, so we decided to draw it on the front door of the building!

Did you know that it is safe to use water-based markers to draw on glass doors and windows?
That is because you can easily wipe water based paint out of impermeable surfaces like glass.
(When it comes to porous surfaces it becomes a little trickier).

Anyhow, we went ahead and decorated the front door as you can see in the picture.

You can find us on the third floor of the building, if you are interested in our classes please come and visit us!

Our office hour is on Mondays 19:00 – 20:00.

adjustments 調整
front sign 看板
standing signboard 立て看板
eye-catching 目を引く 形容詞
water-based markers 水性マーカー
impermeable 不透過性
porous 多孔質
tricky ややこしい

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